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Thomas Fleming at San Francisco Public Library Aug. 15, 1998, interviewed by Noah Griffin (video length=83 mins)

Thomas Fleming at San Francisco Public Library Jan. 23, 1999, interviewed by Max Millard (video length=82 mins)

Reflections on Black History: 86 columns
By Thomas C. Fleming,
published by the Columbus Free Press, 1997-1999

CDs of Thomas Fleming speaking: approximately 70 minutes each, available for $5 each including postage.
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TrackCD 1: Thomas Fleming: The Way It Was, 1912-1933 Interviewed by Max Millard, March 1998 CD 2: Thomas Fleming: San Francisco, 1926-1978 Interviewed by Max Millard, September 1998
1. Opening musicIntroduction
2. Introduction Trains in the Bay Area
3. A Stowaway from Jacksonville Racial climate in the Bay Area
4. Fats Waller The Southern Pacific
5. Life in Harlem The Admiral Line
6. Ships in World War I Black entertainers
7. Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 Duke Ellington
8. The street gang Langston Hughes
9. Truancy Paul Robeson and Jackie Robinson
10.Marcus Garvey Paul Robeson and Jackie Robinson
11. Black soldiers of World War I Carlton Goodlett
12. Leaving New York/black entertainers The general strike of 1934
13. To California by rail Discrimination in World War II
14. Arrival in Chico Streetcar drivers and firemen
15.Black community in Chico Mayor Roger Lapham
16. Race relations The black population boom
17. President Warren Harding "Activities Among Negroes"
18. Henry Herriford The Spokesman
19. Fishing in Chico Black reporters for the white press
20. My stepfather Moses Mosley Senator William Knowland and Governor Pat Brown
21. My mother, the domestic Civil rights in the 1960s
22. Mixed marriages Willie Brown
23. Stella Edwards Jim Jones and the People's Temple
24. Prominent black citizens The black press
25. Emancipation Day
26. Black fraternal organizations
27. Mamie Smith
28. A boxing match
29. Knights of Pythias convention
30. Goodbye to Chico 1926
31. Back to Chico 1932
32. A lynching in San Jose
33. Final reflections on Chico