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July 1, 1997
San Francisco Chronicle
Newspaper Pioneer Retires At Age 89
Founding editor of Sun-Reporter
By Maitland Zane, Chronicle Staff Writer
July 23, 1997
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Say it loud ...
For half a century, the San Francisco Sun-Reporter has enriched black politics and the African American community
By Ron Curran
August 9, 1998
San Francisco Examiner
Half a century chronicling a changing city By Edvins Beitiks of the Examiner staff
San Diego Union-Tribune Write on! A life involved
Thomas Fleming is comfortable rubbing elbows with history
By Gil Griffin, Staff Writer
Looking back on famous people, places
August 16, 2000
San Jose Mercury News
Journalist's stories cast new light on black history By L.A. Chung
April 11, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle
A titan of Bay Area newspapers
At 96, Thomas Fleming still making deadlines and fighting racism
By Carl Nolte, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer
May 2004
New Fillmore
Thomas Fleming: Living Legend of Black Journalism By Max Millard
Sun-Reporter Web site, 2004 The Sun-Reporter Publishing Company History
February 2006
Living legend
At 98, black journalist Thomas Fleming still entertains and enrages
By Max Millard
A Sit-in in San Francisco By Thomas C. Fleming
November 23, 2006
San Francisco Chronicle
Thomas Fleming -- columnist, editor By Carl T. Hall, Staff Writer
January 5, 2007
San Francisco Chronicle
Tom Fleming Was History Walking Among Us By Max Millard
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